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From the initial design and development of our show, the primary focus, other than the RV industry itself, is to share with YOU, our listening audience, the exciting world of the RV lifestyle! Beginning with our show’s name, it in itself has put a smile on everyone’s face. It seems most people can recall seeing a pink flamingo near a RV, in a campsite at some point in their journeys.

The RV industry is a “Feel Good” industry. Days spent traveling, exploring and sharing… or even that quiet time alone is an experience not soon forgotten. Think back to the days of shopping for your RV, all of those road trips, or the first time your kids or grand kids got to take their friends along. Those experiences all made for great memories! See what we mean? The time spent around campfires and meeting folks with like interests in RVs, as well as purchasing those special, new accessory items for your RV, or learning from friends about a destination that seems, well… almost too good to be true.
This is what the RV lifestyle is all about!

Okay, so you’re saying… “Yeah, this all sounds fun. But, I don’t own a RV.”   NO WORRIES!

PINK FLAMINGO RV RADIO has you covered. We will offer direction to RV rental companies across the U.S. We will also cover vast topics  within the RV industry. Such as interviews with leading manufacturers, as well as new products, tips, what to do in a pinch, campground reviews, new and used RV discussion… from pop-ups to conventional pulls, 5th wheels, slide-in campers, toy haulers and even vintage RVs and special events. And, you can listen to any of our archived shows online, while camping!
So, wherever the RV lifestyle takes you, rest assured… ​
 “The Voice of the RV Industry” is always here for you at: PinkFlamingoRVRadio.com!